Support chat powered by Discord

Support chat powered by Discord

We use Discord for our support chat in addition to the Facebook group. What IS Discord you ask? Discord is a Free Voice and Text Chat originally for Gamers but has evolved into something for Everyone. It’s supported by just about every device out there. You can use it in your favorite web browser, or you can download it and make use of all the neat features it provides. like voice chat, video calling, screen sharing.

Our support chat is private

Our Discord server has sections specifically for YOU, whether your trans fem, trans masc, or non binary (yes I know that’s not a complete list). You can assign your self a role so that you only see the relevant info specifically to your situation. For example, you are a trans woman, or transfem, and get the transfem role, it opens up the transgender info and resources specifically for you. Only those who match your role are able to access those areas of the server. This includes generalized support, or asking questions about methods, posting progress pics, selfies, anything you can think of.

If you’re under 18, you have your OWN section that no one over 18 can be in. No one sees your posts, or selfies. Because of your age, no type of progression pics are allowed if they are nude or suggestive. We do not force people to prove they’re under or over 18. However we have experienced moderators that will find if a person lies about their age. Luckily it doesn’t happen often.

How to connect

Click or tap the invite link which will open up the discord page or app depending on if you already have it installed, and then follow the links that will get you in the server. As of 5/1/2020 we now require everyone to tap or click on the 😀 emoji to gain access to the rest of the server. This is to further secure the server from raiders and bots. More info can be read about it when I write the article (May-8-2020).

Official Discord invite

Here is the official site where you can download for all your devices.

Alternatively you can use the widget on this page. Just press CONNECT on the bottom right and type a name. no sign up needed yet. It will open a new tab/window (so please allow it). Now you’re ready to chat with us! Later, if you decide to keep the name you chose, you may add an email to claim your account. Keep in mind, some features may be limited using the web version.