What is a Discord raid and what are bots? (and what we do about them)

What is a Discord raid and what are bots? (and what we do about them)

We use websites that provide listings of many types of Discord servers with varying types of subjects. If you have a Discord server you can submit it for listing on their page. Or, if you are looking for one with a similar interest you can search for one you like. These websites are legitimate, but they tend to have 2 really annoying drawbacks: Raiders and bots.

So what is a raider?

Raiders are people in groups who join a server to flood rooms with offensive images and slurs. It doesn’t stop until they are banned which removes anything that they have posted (see below). This requires an admin, or member of a rank which has the permission to ban raiders one by one. Many times this is done to a server that they know is quiet, with no one active. They will enter a room, not say anything, wait to see if its active, then they give the green light for the raid. This is in hopes that they can flood every single room with offensive material knowing that other users who are not able to ban will react thus making the raiders feel it was worth it.

O.k. so what is a bot?

Bots are commonly used for functions on a discord server from games, to information, to admin tasks, to helpful utilities. These bots may be found in every Discord server out there. There are however, those that can invite a bot to someones server in hopes of scraping images and links. This is usually seen as a really fast join and leave. Within seconds a bot has scanned all the rooms, seen peoples selfies and downloaded them. This can happen to those Discord servers that feature NSFW content, either originally sourced, or found on the net. I myself don’t know how far this goes. Do all the links get saved too? for what?

So what does your server do to ensure our safety and protection from our selfies?

Good question! Starting May 1st 2020 we implemented a method where a new user gets put in the #welcome room.

The #welcome room

What a user must do here is click or tap on the happy face emoji 😀 to gain access to the General Public section of the server. This stops the bots from grabbing images or other info its programmed to get because a ranked member needs to manually give permission to the bot to see the rest of the rooms.

Raiders can still get in, but they have to click the happy face emoji to do so. This prevents some of the lazy groups, but not all. What they can’t do is post offensive images or links. They can still post offensive words, but a staff member will ban them. Banning someone removes all their posts between 24 hours to 6 months.

In closing, regular users can hang out worry free from typical bots and raiders. If one of those rare times that someone comes in to spout hate and be a troll, staff will just ban them removing them from the room. If staff members aren’t active, or quick, using the command @staff will alert us to the issue and we will take action. For example type @staff we have raiders int he room! And one of us will take care of the issue.

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